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Sparta Deluxe edition includes everything in the standard edition plus:

11 High-Quality Plastic Miniatures

25 Metal Coins with Greek Pegasus and Athenian Owl

24 Wooden Game Pieces


In SPARTA! command Athenians or Spartans in a battle to rule the Greek world.

Achieve dominance and control valuable regions that grant unique benefits - be it the wealth of Sicily, the fleets of Corinth, or alliances with larger cities like Thebes or Syracuse to provide fresh recruits for battle. You might even rally the Persians and Macedonians to your side.

Command The Conflict!
March armies and sortie fleets to raid enemy territories. Siege valuable cities, and engage your foes in fierce battles. Steel your nerves when you enter the fray of battle, as it is bloody and swiftly resolved using an elegant card-based system.

Who Will Head Your Efforts?
Lead your forces with legendary characters such as Pericles and Cleon. Each leader has a unique ability, be it combat prowess or cunning diplomacy.
Characters may become experienced— flipping the leader to their upgraded form with a more powerful ability.

Meet your foes on the bloody battlefield
Balance diplomacy, economy, and military might in this card-driven game of historic conflict!

The Splendour Of Greece Is Yours For The Taking!


SPARTA! is for 1-2 players (SOLO bot is included) & plays in 2-3 hours.

Includes all of these historical scenarios:
- First Peloponnesian War
- Second Peloponnesian War
- Theban/Spartan War
- Cleomenian War


Designer Blog:

Sparta Deluxe Edition

SKU: PID-02002
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