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2 Minutes to Midnight : a detailed game on the cold war between the USA and the Soviet Union, covering military, technology, economics, politics, and trade - all in a playable package that hides the complexity and lets you focus on making decisions, and winning the cold war!

The Cold War 1946-1991
A strategic historical game

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"2 Minutes to Midnight is an easy to learn (but not easy strategy), highly thematic game with a tension you might not expect. Put together, 2 Minutes to Midnight delivers an easy to learn but tense game of deep decisions using history you know, but not as you know it."
- Rocky Mountain Navy


WeGo - low/no downtime - turn order is not fixed.
Asymmetric sides - USSR & USA have different
strengths & weaknesses.

Plausible Sandbox - very high replay value.
Historical Focus - what mattered to them will matter to you.
You can fight - but it's not the core of the game.
The events - they aren't yours, and you don't get to choose when they happen - they just do. Your task is to shape the results.
SOLO mode - Out-of-the-box solo play for quick-start solo goodness.
A day's game - scenarios at 1, 2, 4 and 7 hours play time.

A crunchy cold war game to get your teeth into!

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"A lot of fun... a lot of depth.. two thumbs up from me!"
- Moe's Game Table


"It’s like Supremacy, Ultimatum and Twilight Struggle got together in some mad science experiment and the result was 2 Minutes to Midnight. - Armchair General Score: 93% 

The Spanish version - is published by our partners Draco Ideas!


Game assets: (click to download)

Rules including all 6 scenarios [here]
Quick Reference Sheets [here]

SOLO Quick Reference Sheets [here]

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