Fight the cold war - USA vs. Soviet Union 1946-1991
A strategic historical game.

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So why do you want this?

2MTM is a detailed simulation of the cold war covering military, economics, politics, and trade, all in a playable package that hides the complexity and lets you focus on your strategic choices.

Chit Pull - low/no downtime

Asymmetric sides - USSR & USA have different strengths & weaknesses

Plausible Sandbox - very high replay value & you can get the actual result

Historical Focus - what mattered to them will matter to you

You can fight (even WW3) - but it's not the core of the game

The events - they aren't yours, sometimes they just happen. They'll throw you curveballs you don't expect. Just like the real thing
SOLO mode - Out-of-the-box solo play for quick-start solo goodness
A day's game - scenarios at 2, 4 and 6 hours play time

2MTM - a crunchy cold war game to get your teeth into!

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