Blue Water Navy Examples of Play

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Anti-Submarine Warfare #1

An Alfa class submarine performs a ‘move and attack’ action

and moves two zones, crossing the SOSUS line. Per the SOSUS Line rules, NATO can interrupt the move and either roll a single die or roll a unit’s

normal amount of dice +1.

NATO wants to kill the Alfa, so decides to roll 4 dice with

Churchill. The rolls are 1-5-8-9. Adding Churchill’s Tactical

Value of +1 to each roll, two hits are scored (8 becomes 9 and 9

is already a hit – Alfa has a defence of 9). Normally this would

cause two step losses, killing Alfa, but she has the save notation

(large circle around her defence value)

which allows a 6+ roll against each hit to cancel it (r